Online Refills

Please follow the instructions below for online refills.

ZooPharm Compounding Veterinary Pharmacy welcomes you to place orders online using our website.
However, in order to fully process and properly fill your order, a prescription must be provided by your prescribing veterinarian.

For Refills follow these instructions:

  • Only use our ONLINE REFILL FORM if you have previously received medication from ZooPharm.
    NOTE: Prescriptions for controlled substances are only valid for 6 months from the date on the Rx submitted.
  • If you require any changes to your requested medication itself, please do not use this form and instead call us at866 823 9314
  • When completing the online form, please ensure your Rx specifies the patient name OR single species for whom the medication is being prescribed, in compliance with your State requirements.
    NOTE: If prescribing for more than one species, multiple prescriptions will be required.
Refill Form

Submission of Prescription Orders:

Please download our PRESCRIPTION FORM and ask your veterinarian to complete and submit to ZooPharm via the following methods:

  • Fax to: 307-761-6060
    PLEASE NOTE: The prescription form must be faxed directly from your veterinarian’s office with a photocopy of appropriate State and/or Federal licensure.
  • Mail the original prescription form to 3131 Grand Avenue, Unit C, Laramie, WY 82070. NOTE: Your veterinarian may call our pharmacy to authorize a new verbal prescription only if he/she has prescribed with ZooPharm in the past and we have their signature and licensure on file.