ZooPharm FAQ’s

How do I prescribe and/or place an order to or through ZooPharm?

  • If you are a veterinarian…
    1. You can fax a prescription for the ZooPharm formulation you desire to our pharmacy at (307) 761-6060.
    2. If this is your first time ordering with ZooPharm, please include a copy of your current State Veterinary license.
    3. In addition, when ordering DEA controlled substances please also include a copy of your current Personal “Practitioner” DEA Controlled Substance Registration Certificate.
    4. When completing a prescription form, please ensure that your Rx specifies the patient name OR single species for whom the medication is being prescribed, in compliance with your State Board of Pharmacy requirements.
    5. If prescribing for more than one patient/species, multiple prescriptions will be required.

  • If you are an animal owner…
    1. All ZooPharm orders require a prescription from a licensed veterinarian with a valued client – patient relationship
    2. When you are ready to order, please ask your veterinarian to fax us a prescription for the desired medication to (307) 761-6060, noting one species/patient per Rx as required by your state Board of Pharmacy.
    3. If your veterinarian has previously prescribed for you authorizing refills, you may request refills online or contact us directly with your prescription information for order processing assistance at 866 823 9314. Please note, prescriptions for controlled substances such as BAM and Buprenorphine SR are valid for six months.

  • What are the additional requirements for ordering controlled substances from ZooPharm?
    1. DEA controlled substances compounded by ZooPharm (such as Buprenorphine SR, BAM Kits, and other scheduled Class II, III and IV drug formulations) are available upon prescription from a licensed veterinarian.
    2. To order, a veterinarian must fax a prescription for the formulation, noting one species/patient per Rx as required by your state Board of Pharmacy, as well as a copy of his/her current DEA “Practitioner” controlled substance certificate to (307) 761-6060. (This is only required if we do not already have a copy of your current DEA certificate on file.)
    3. Be sure the Rx notes the total quantity desired and number of refills, if applicable, noting one patient/species per prescription.

  • Notes for Class II controlled substances…
    1. When ordering Class II controlled substances such as Etorphine or Thianil, listing on the DEA Carfentanil Approved User List is required. This is noted on your DEA registration under Business Activity.
    2. For Thianil only, DEA 222 forms must be addressed and submitted directly to our pharmacy at: ZooPharm, 3131 Grand Ave, Unit C, Laramie WY 82070. Etorphine is a compounded formulation and provided upon prescription.

  • What are the ZooPharm guidelines for shipping orders?
    1. We are committed to providing the highest standards in customer service. This includes, when possible, shipping prescriptions the day they are received and confirmed. We do our best to accommodate emergency shipments. In general, we are able to process for shipment within 48 hours during our high-volume seasons.
    2. We ship orders to you via FedEx delivery.
    3. Based on your preferences, formulation sensitivity and weather, we can ship orders for standard ground delivery, 2-day delivery and overnight delivery. Saturday delivery, while location dependent, may be an option.
    4. Please note we cannot deliver to PO Boxes.
    5. All orders require signature for delivery.