Zoo Animals

Custom-compounded formulations to address the veterinary medical management and surgical care needs of diverse zoo and aquarium populations.

ZooPharm is the leading provider of essential, hard-to-find pharmaceutical formulations to zoos, aquariums and exotic animal preserves throughout North America. From innovative anesthetics and immobilization drugs …to transport sedatives and assisted reproduction devices, ZooPharm’s pharmaceutical grade compounds meet the imperative veterinary practice standards for both individual and herd medical management.

Zoo and aquarium veterinarians are specialist in the care and treatment of exotic wildlife species held in captivity. They confer with ZooPharm professionals to select the best pharmaceutical formulations for administration when:

  • Conducting physical exams
  • Requiring sedation to perform surgery
  • Treatment of injuries and wounds
  • Prescribing pain medications
  • Giving vaccinations
  • Taking ultrasounds / radiographs
  • Assisting with captive breeding programs

BAM™ Kit

BAM™ is a patented, unique and safe anesthesia combination of Butorphanol tartrate, Azaperone tartrate and Medetomidine hydrochloride that is used to immobilize a broad range of species. All three of these pharmaceuticals seem to be “co-synergistic” bringing the best attributes of each at the lowest effective dose rate. BAM™ provides smooth induction times that are equal to or shorter than Telazol/Xylazine, as well as quick reversal times (ranging from 5-10 minutes, fully reversed). This highly effective product has been used in hundreds of immobilizations and controlled studies with excellent results.

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