State-of-the-art immobilization drugs, anesthesia, analgesics with research-based support in advising and assisting wildlife medical professionals

Working closely with sister company Wildlife Pharmaceuticals, Inc., ZooPharm has developed an in-depth knowledge and technical expertise in the field of wildlife chemical immobilization. Through on-going clinical research and field testing, ZooPharm has developed a patented portfolio of novel pharmaceutical formulations that meet the highly specialized challenges faced by today’s wildlife health professionals.

The following situations are typical of what wildlife veterinarians and biologist experience every day with the support of specialized ZooPharm pharmaceuticals.

  • Safe, rapid immobilizations required for veterinary medical treatment
  • Innovative anesthesia combinations for surgical procedures
  • Relocation and transport of wildlife species
  • Capture to affix radio telemetry collars for animal tracking research
  • Data- gathering for disease epidemiology in wildlife populations

BAM™ Kit

BAM™ is a patented, unique and safe anesthesia combination of Butorphanol tartrate, Azaperone tartrate and Medetomidine hydrochloride that is used to immobilize a broad range of species. All three of these pharmaceuticals seem to be “co-synergistic” bringing the best attributes of each at the lowest effective dose rate. BAM™ provides smooth induction times that are equal to or shorter than Telazol/Xylazine, as well as quick reversal times (ranging from 5-10 minutes, fully reversed). This highly effective product has been used in hundreds of immobilizations and controlled studies with excellent results.

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