Lab Animals

Patented formulations to ensure appropriate levels of sedation, analgesia and anesthesia are provided to meet latest Animal Welfare Act and IACUC guidelines.

ZooPharm recognizes the Animal Welfare Act and IACUC mandate and its requirement that all animals in research facilities receive adequate veterinary care and treatment to ensure that pain and distress are minimized. Our selection of sustained-release analgesics and anesthetics have been developed to comply with both these clinical and humane requirements. SR™ formulations meet specific research protocol needs by species, age, and strain of animal, as well as the type and degree of any pain-inducing procedures.

Laboratory animal veterinarians provide humane and responsible care of laboratory animal that are vital for scientific and medical research. They rely on ZooPharm formulations to assist with the avoidance or minimization of discomfort, distress and pain during research including:

  • Prescription medication that help researchers meet humane end - points where paint and distress are expected
  • Therapeutics for experimental pre- operative and post - operative surgical protocols
  • Patented extended release formulations that alleviate pain and distress in laboratory animal for several days
  • Pharmaceutical sedation drugs used to ease animal handling
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